Junkyard Jewel: 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit

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1977 Volkswagen Rabbit

Junkyard Jewel: 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit

Other than the Cabriolet variants (which were sold in North America until the mid 1990s), you'll have an intense time discovering instances of the Mk1 Volkwagen Golf in North American destroying yards. 

I've seen a couple lately, yet a large portion of the normal, worker grade 1975-1984 Rabbits got spent, exhausted, and squashed some time before the 1990s found some conclusion. 

I recognized this battered, Rastafied '77 three-entryway hatchback in a Denver, Colorado self-administration yard half a month back.

It began with orange paint, at that point got a layer of green house paint. The red (to finish the Rastafarian shading plan) most likely was going to come later.

Unexpectedly, Haile Selassie (who claimed an extravagant Citro├źn SM and is delineated on this sticker) was hustled into outcast in a humble Volkswagen Scarab after the 1974 military overthrow that expelled him from his position of authority.

The vehicle doesn't appear to be horribly corroded, however the inside is pretty beat and relatively few Volkswagen enthusiasts have a craving for reestablishing Rabbits that are neither pickups nor GTIs.

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