Petersen Historical Center Collabs with Comic-Con Gallery

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Petersen Historical Center

Petersen Historical center collabs with Comic-Con Gallery

It's a mind boggling time to be a science fiction fan. 

Star Wars films are flying out at a disturbing rate, Vindicators: Endgame is out now, Star Trek: Disclosure simply wrapped its second season, and the Petersen Car Historical center is set to highlight a display with the special one motion picture rides. 

As a team with the Comic-Con Historical center, "Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Sci-fi and Dream" opens May 4.

The Petersen claims this as the biggest display of sci-fi and dream vehicles on the planet. It will have in excess of 40 unique vehicles from in excess of 20 distinct films crosswise over decades. 

It'll include vehicles from Star Wars, Edge Sprinter, the Wonder universe (Dark Puma), the D.C. universe (Batman), Transformers, Frantic Max: Rage Street, The Craving Recreations, Back to the Future, Passing Race 2000, and Speed Racer, among others

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